Rule of Thirds

Photography is a must have ability these days, just like one’s writing and reading skills. Double taps on Instagram are king these days. Therefore you feel the urge to post “Instagrammable” images to gain more likes. You want to nail those master shots.

To me, it all boils down to how you frame your money shot, i.e composition.

There is a definite guide to the uninitiated. Follow the Rule of Thirds. It’s applicable to any form of visual images, be it painting, photo or video. Under this rule, you have to visualize that the image is divided into 9 equal parts using 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines. Human eyes will naturally be attracted to the main subject, placed on any of the 4 junction points (jp).

Check out the examples below:

I choose to place the heroes (i.e the branches of Pic1, flower of Pic2 and ferry of Pic3) on one of the four junction points, to create more impact for them. Hence the storytelling becomes effective.

Happy playing with these basic imaginative grids!

And see your shots grow!


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