Shooting Through The Glass

Creativity is about layering structures into one final piece of artwork.

To offer more depth to the images, you could start pointing the lenses at glasses, windows, windshield etc.

All these elements are readily available around us. Just be more alert of interesting subjects beyond the transparency.

There are a few pointers that we need to put in mind when shooting through the glass, mainly:

1. Clean Glass

  • Try to look for the unstained ones. This would make sure that viewers not distracted by the dirty marks. Hence the main subject gets the message across effectively.

2. Check Reflection

  • Be aware that you don’t accidentally include yourself or camera in the frame, unless you want do a selfie. Lols.

3. Focus Manually

  • At times, the camera’s autofocus system might fail you when shooting through the glass. So best bet is to switch to manual focus and you decide which point is the sharpest and shine.

4. No Flash

  • To get the best result, do abide by this no flash rule. Flash would create undesired glare, thus ruin a great photo opp. Grab more of the ambience light.

Now let’s take a look at the following sample pics:

The school of fish can be seen clearly going after their food here. Framing is helped by the blurring effect from the glass on both lower left and right side.

Food items on display can be appealing. A wide aperture was used for this picture, to blur off the rather thick glass and give some depth.

This shot was done at night, thus easily avoided the reflection of photographer himself. Note that the direction of the red taxi is the same as the Air Jordan sign, which is to the right of the frame. This is to achieve the same visual flow.

Same words here, Happy Playing!


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