Reflections, For Some Wonder

Everyday, we could see reflections in our lives.

Be it on the windows, mirrors, waters or other reflective surface, start watching out.

Such elements add dramas to the photos.

The final output could be very much symmetrical and double up a rather mundane picture.

Being more artistic is what we are trying hard to achieve here.

Below are some of my recent reflection pictures done in Valencia, Spain.

Architecture takes center stage here at The City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, as it slowly turns dark. The whole scene is glowing. The structures are magnified with reflections in the water. Without any hesitant, I took out the camera and tripod to capture this moment. Aperture has to be small enough to offer depth-of-field, i.e. sharpness throughout. I used F/16 for this. Meanwhile, ISO was kept low at 100, since the camera was on tripod, and I could afford long exposure. In the end, I was more than satisfied with the final output.

It was a usual morning walk. I stumbled upon the glass panel of a corner shoplot. Just had to make the reflection shot work. Waited for a little while, before the two main subjects walked pass. The reflections magnified the contrast between the rushing man and nonchalant elderly lady.

I was wandering around the Bullring of Valencia, which was being photographed for the zillionth time. I need to paint a different perspective of this historic building. As I walked further away from it, I saw this glass panel of a bus stop. Perfecto! It provided the image of head-to-head traffic flow and most importantly the flipped over Bullring. Lols!

All in all, be more aware of your surroundings.

The extra steps you take might just make all the difference.

Signing off for now!



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